Compare Toyota RAV4

Compare the Toyota RAV4 to the Honda CR-V & Ford Escape in Winston Salem

There are few better ways of getting around throughout your day and for longer family road trips than with the new 2017 Toyota RAV4, a versatile and well-rounded compact crossover. Here at our Winston Salem, NC Toyota dealership serving Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Burlington, Lexington, Thomasville, Mt. Airy and Salisbury, we'll find you the best edition of the new RAV4, your top choice for a versatile crossover.

Of course this is one of the most popular crossovers within a crowded market, but as you research all your options, you'll find plenty of comparable models. When comparing the new RAV4 with the Honda CR-V and Ford Escape, you'll find the Toyota option is best in several areas. Take a quick look at these comparisons, then visit Modern Toyota in Winston Salem today for a test drive in the new RAV4.

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Toyota RAV4 vs. Honda CR-V Comparison in Winston Salem

Both of these compact SUVs are made in Japan, feature similar engine options and are priced pretty much the same. However, the new RAV4 now comes standard with the Toyota Safety Sense suite, which includes forward collision warning and mitigation, automatic high beams, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. These features come as more expensive options in the CR-V, so you're already setting yourself up for a great value with your new RAV4. Here's what else the RAV4 does better than the CR-V:

  • With a two-year roadside assistance program with unlimited mileage for the RAV4, the Toyota option proves to be the best choice for drivers who are on the road a lot each year. If you're a regular road warrior, the CR-V's 36,000-mile roadside assistance program for three years might run up before you can even use it.
  • Standard features like premium radio and a CD player give you more options in the RAV4, while the CR-V is relatively lightly equipped in its base level. When it comes to outfitting your small SUV with the entertainment and audio functions you want, you'll have to spend more on the CR-V for even basic features like these.
  • The standard Entune telematics and communications system in the RAV4 offers a generous level of connectivity for a base level edition. For the new CR-V, once again a higher trim level will be required for that same functionality.
  • The base payload capacity in the RAV4 is slightly higher than what the CR-V is rated at. This means if you find yourself regularly packing your compact SUV full of both passengers and cargo, the RAV4 will better be able to handle a heavier load than the CR-V.

Toyota RAV4 vs. Ford Escape Comparison in Winston Salem

While the Escape comes with multiple available engine options compared to the RAV4's lone four-cylinder engine, you'll need to expect to spend more on a higher trim level for the Ford compact SUV. At its base level, which is only slightly cheaper than the starting RAV4, you don't have an option for AWD, and you definitely don't have the same generous wealth of safety systems that the standard Toyota Safety Sense adds. A Ford Escape edition that really competes with what the RAV4 offers is going to end up costing you far more, without many noticeable benefits.

  • If pricing is a concern and you're content with a starting package of your next SUV, the RAV4 is clearly a better choice. The standard four-cylinder engine in the RAV4 outperforms the Escape, and is considerably more fuel efficient.
  • Though small for an SUV, your RAV4 will still be needed for hauling cargo. And the RAV4 is the right choice over the Escape thanks to its much larger cargo storage area that becomes even bigger thanks to the standard fold-down rear seats.
  • When comparing higher trim levels, the RAV4 adds more safety systems to the Toyota Safety Sense suite for cheaper, and will include standard navigation and a sunroof, both of which remain added options for the Escape. Don't be fooled by the pricing since to get what the RAV4 offers, the Escape will end up being far more expensive.
  • The intelligently designed interior setup of the RAV4 affords more shoulder room for both front and rear seat passengers. This is ideal when you have fully grown adults riding along with you, as the Escape will prove to be more cramped throughout.