Brake Service and Repair

Brake Service & Repair at Modern Toyota in Winston Salem

Your Toyota model has done a lot for you and you know that with the brand's sterling reputation you can expect many more fond memories to come. Still, it's no secret that even long-lasting Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs need to be regularly maintained, which is why our staff here at Modern Toyota are trained to work specifically on these models. We also understand that with modern technology to assist the driver in staying safe, the most important feature has always been there for you, even when you don't think of it. Stopping power is something that you don't want to compromise, which is why following the recommended schedule for brake service is important.

Your brakes have been serving you for a long time, but here are some signs they might need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Brakes are slow to respond or feel spongy when applied
  • You notice a squeal or grinding noise - this should never be ignored.

These are signs that your Toyota model needs to be seen by our service team to inspect your brakes to ensure they are up to the high standards that Toyota has put into place. You can simply make an appointment if you have any concerns about your vehicle's brakes and let us help you stay safe.

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Another sign that your vehicle's brakes may be due for a change is if there is a red or amber warning light visible on your dashboard indicating a problem. When you see that, contact us immediately to take care of it. Our Greensboro, High Point, and Raleigh customers are important and your safety matters. Don't hesitate to contact us whether you have concerns for your vehicle's performance or you are curious about when your brakes should be serviced according to the recommended schedule. When it comes to safety, you should experience the Modern difference.